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Breath Alcohol Testers

Breathalyzers are the most commonly used blood alcohol tester throughout the world.

In most states, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft when the blood alcohol content exceeds 80 mg per 100 ml of blood (.08% BAC). A personal breath alcohol tester measures the concentration of alcohol in the lungs, to estimate the amount of alcohol in the body.

Notice the test for impairment does not take into account the abilities of the driver. In other words, drivers who pass a field sobriety test may still be breaking the law.

So police officers use the latest breathalyzer technology to detect offenders and remove drunk drivers from the roads.

Breath alcohol tests are proven, reliable, efficient and helpful.

Having the correct information is so vitally important when making the dangerous and potentially expensive decision to drive after a few drinks.

We all rely on speedometers to keep our driving speed within the legal limits. But, what if cars came without speedometers, and the police still enforced speeding laws with high tech radar guns?

It would be really difficult to tell what a particular speed feels like if you never had your speed tested, nor had any previous experience with 30 mph for example.

Yet, not many people really know what .05% or .08% BAC feels like, unless you have a way to get it measured.

In a 2007 roadside survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2.2 percent of drivers had a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher, which exceeds the limit for driving while intoxicated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

How can an ordinary person be expected to obey the law, unless they have personal breathalyzers to measure their levels of intoxication?

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Drinking and driving is dangerous! Most people believe they know their own limits ... however the reality is often very different from the perception. Sure you can touch your nose or walk in a straight line, but is this really an indication of sobriety according to the law?

The failure to recognize alcohol impairment is often a symptom of intoxication and drinkers often swear they are "fine" after several drinks. In fact, more than half of all alcohol related deaths involved drivers with a BAC of more than twice the legal limit, according to the 2006 Annual Assessment of Motor Vehicle Crashes.

Monitoring blood alcohol levels is difficult because there are so many factors:

  • what you were drinking?
  • are you a man or a woman?
  • your weight and percentage of body fat?
  • what and when you last ate?

Alcohol kills 13,000 people a year on our roads and we must continue to be vigilant in our efforts to prevent drunk driving.

Personal breathalyzers can ensure the safety of yourself and others!

Nobody wants a DUI conviction or its consequences -- you risk a night in jail, thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, the embarassing publication after a trial.

If you are not sure you had better not drive, just play it safe and call a cab -- the cheapest alternative.

Unfortunately, when someone is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol they are required by law to provide a sample of their blood or breath for testing as evidence of intoxication. Refusing to provide a sample may lead to additional charges and the refusal may also be used as evidence in any trial.

If arrested for drunk driving (DUI or DWI), you do not have the right to seek advice from a lawyer before deciding to give a sample of your breath or blood.

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What should I do if I'm stopped for a DUI?

1. Even if the officer is angry and acting hostile, stay calm and be polite. People make their DUI arrest much worse being combative with the officer.

2. A person being held on suspicion of DUI has the right to remain silent during an investigation. When facing an impaired driving charge, a person should not give the police any information about what they had to drink, make excuses, or try to talk the officers out of charging them.

3. Refusing a blood or breath test after your arrest can result in longer license suspensions and more jail time. Prosecutors can also use your refusal as evidence that you were aware of your guilt.

Consult an experienced DUI lawyer in your state for up to date information and advice if you are stopped.

If you need further assistance, please use one of the following resources:

  • Get Started
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • E-Mail:

Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC)

Drinking increases the level of alcohol in your blood.

Alcohol is absorbed unchanged by the body directly into the bloodstream.

The concentration is usually measured as the milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100 millilitres (ml) of blood.

The level is often expressed as a percentage where ...

  • 0.02 - 0.03%, may feel "high", and relaxed.
  • 0.05 - 0.10%, will have reduced coordination, delayed reactions, and poor judgment.

Most states set minimum limits where drivers are considered to be legally drunk.

See Legal Limits by State.


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