iBreath Multifunction Breathalyzer

Compatible with iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPhone and iPod Touch!

Unique iPod / iPhone accessory designed to plug into the dock connector, and read out your blood alchohol content level. Displays blood alcohol content (BAC) level within the range of 0.0000 - 0.100%, accurately to within 0.01% BAC. A reading of 0.08 or above sets off an alarm, signaling a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit in all 50 states.

Hear music from your phone or MP3 player without tethering the device with a cable. The iBreath accepts data from the songs you've stored on your iPhone or iPod. The FM transmitter broadcasts your music to a nearby radio tuned to the same frequency.

The iBreath also has a simple timer function that will help remind you to test your BAC again. Reminds you to test yourself again from one minute or up to eight hours later.

blood alcohol level breathalyzer

Size: 2⅜ x 1 x ½ inches
(81 x 30 x 11 mm)

· Features:

Alcohol Breathalyzer, FM transmitter, Timer
Four digit display 0.000% - 0.100% BAC
Test Accuracy - .01% BAC
Display size 1 x .50 inches (25 x 13mm)

· Batteries:

Runs off iPodís power, no batteries needed

· Includes:

12V Car Adapter Plug
USB Cable
Instruction Manual

** iPod NOT included **

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Price: $69.99
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The iBreath doesn't have its own batteries, but there are several ways to power the device:

· Plug it into an iPod or iPhone.
· Use a USB cord and connect the device to a computer.
· Use the provided 12-volt car plug and connect the iBreath to your vehicle.

Kit Includes:

Breath Tester

High Quality
Car Adapter

12 volt plug
USB Power Cable

USB Cable

1 Sensor: Semiconductor alcohol sensor
2 Warm-up time: Within 10 seconds
3 Response time: Within 10 seconds
4 Operating temperature range: 5 ~ 40 °C
5 Detection range:
    0.000% - 0.100% BAC
6 Digital display results (% BAC)
7 FM Transmitter:
    Frequecies: 88.1 - 107.9 MHz
8 Timer: 1 minute to 8 hours
9 Batteries:
    No batteries required
10 Size:
    Unit: 2⅜ x 1 x ½ inches (81 x 30 x 11 mm)
    Display: 1 x .50 inches (25 x 13 mm)
    Weight: .75 ounces (25 grams)
Please Note:

Personal alcohol breath testers are designed for informational purposes! Results are only an indication of your blood alcohol concentration and are not legally accepted.

Recognized tests are performed by qualified technicians, using professional grade equipment that is calibrated frequently.

If you have any doubts about your ability to drive safely DO NOT DRIVE!

iBreath Digital Display

iBreath Digital Display

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